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The Babylon Conspiracy — Again

What separates me from the conspiracy theorists is that I am quite certain the conspiracies could not possibly succeed. I still believe that those conspiracies exist, and the people involved certainly do believe their plans could work, but that’s a … Continue reading

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The Identity of Escape

We live under the Curse of the Fall. For all our efforts, there is absolutely nothing we can do from here to get out, except to die. Meanwhile, we live with the misery of having no purpose, and most people … Continue reading

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Standing in a Different Context — Epilogue

Not every conspiracy theory is wrong. But most conspiracies have failed to accomplish all the conspirators had hoped, so there’s a lot of confusion about them. What follows is my personal take on a few examples to indicate how we … Continue reading

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Fool’s Goal

Nobody says having a goal in mind is somehow evil. What’s evil is the underlying mental frame of reference that makes accomplishment the measure of your worth. When you boil down Scripture to the essence, you discover God says holiness … Continue reading

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