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The Crap Filter

Mankind is fallen. The human condition is miserable; anyone can see that, but we assert it is the norm. That is, of all the things that make life unpleasant, we assert that only a few things can be resolved, some … Continue reading

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Some More Big Picture

We are fallen; we were designed for Eden, but we got kicked out. In our fallen state, we will never really get back into Eden. However, Scripture talks about a symbolic return to Eden, a foot-in-both-worlds type of existence. It … Continue reading

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Not the Apocalypse, Part 3

It’s personal. You can’t make it otherwise. The very fabric of Creation itself is personal because that’s how God makes it and remakes it every day. It wasn’t made and then allowed to run on without Him; it continues only … Continue reading

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Broken Boundaries

Do you imagine that our common diseases today were absent from the Garden of Eden? If so, you would still be suffering from Western mythology. In the Hebrew culture, disease wasn’t some alien presence in nature. It was always there, … Continue reading

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The Wadi of Folly

I realize regular readers will recognize this as the same old message that constantly burns freshly in my soul. You can skip this if you want; somebody else needs to see it. You can’t fix several centuries of stupid. The … Continue reading

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