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Teachings of Jesus — John 8:48-59

The world uses a lot of excuses to avoid dealing with the issue of Jesus as the Son of God. This passage of John has been ignored, twisted, and sometimes cut out of the Bible on the flimsiest grounds because … Continue reading

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Divine Expectations

This is Christian Mysticism. There is a very strong reason I play loosey-goosey with theology: Your brain cannot contain divine truth. God does not work in the brain in that sense; He works only in the heart. You convictions, written … Continue reading

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Theology and Practice: Heart Led

This becomes a point of theology simply because Western Christians ignore it, or are hostile to it. The essence of the Fall was choosing human reason over faith. Human reason and intellect is inherently hostile to genuine faith. To then … Continue reading

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Theology and Practice: The Trinity

Short answer: Our Radix Fidem covenant is neutral on the doctrine of the Trinity. We are neither for it nor against it. This requires I remind everyone that our covenant is openly anti-western. We don’t believe there is such a … Continue reading

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Aristotelian Logic Has Its Place

Aristotelian logic is valid for its purpose. It has its place, but that place is not at the top of human awareness. The reason I spend so much time castigating Aristotelian logic is because it has serious limits. It is … Continue reading

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Death Is a Reward

The otherworldly orientation is the only one that makes any sense given the full truth of things. A major element in the online chatter about the mosque shooting in New Zealand is the repeated question: How do we stop this … Continue reading

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Another Road Sign

It takes longer to set this up than it does to tell it. I’m posting a road sign here and it doesn’t warrant a bunch of explanation on my part. It does warrant a bunch of exploration on your part. … Continue reading

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