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Pastoral Psychology and the Heart 05

If you filled your memory with the knowledge about God, you would still not know Him. If you explored the entire universe and could analyze every detail, and all cause and effect, you would still not know reality. If you … Continue reading

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War on Revelation 01

We need to state some basic lore of truth about how reality works. Keep in mind that our fundamental message is that reality is defined as Creation, what God has made. It should be obvious without having to state that … Continue reading

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Standing in a Different Context 05

The Antichrist in Scripture is a symbol, a demonic spirit that motivates people to be hostile to the gospel. The failure of every big conspiracy theory is not taking the Bible seriously. These theories allege a higher intelligence and ability … Continue reading

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Sacrificial Instinct

We have a dozen words that could serve as synonyms for “love” in various contexts, but it is a testimony to the failure of Anglo-American culture that we still abuse the word with such ambiguity. We confuse it intentionally; we … Continue reading

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Living Justice

The study in Zechariah 3 addresses an old and senseless argument you get from atheists. We discern from the narrative of the Fall a critical element in human nature is desiring to be, or create, one’s own god. Modern secular … Continue reading

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