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Teachings of Jesus — John 13:1-17

We need to understand some background here. Jesus and His disciples met for a Seder a day early. In that day and time, it was typical for professional groups and similar private clubs to meet like this, just men without … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Luke 17:5-10

Having just previously discussed with His disciples the necessity of forgiving those who are struggling in faith to overcome moral weaknesses, the Twelve realized this was a huge task. While others might struggle over some of the simpler demands of … Continue reading

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Christ in Effect

I’m sure you’ve met them: Influential believers who somehow never seemed to experience the miraculous power of God’s grace. They don’t witness to that power. Instead, all their pronouncements about various human ills are loaded with all kinds of sagacious … Continue reading

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Uncertainty is Bliss

It’s an underlying philosophical assumption: We cannot understand reality from our fallen condition. Thus, we are cynical about any effort to present human history, and even more cynical about guesses of events before humans began recording them. Even if we … Continue reading

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Sacrificial Service

In order to give shape to what I consider a renewed religion, I made some changes to my static website. One of the first articles linked there is Summary of Opposition, an outline of how I oppose current mainstream Christian … Continue reading

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Truth and Humor

Humility generally means not taking yourself too seriously. Humility is the inheritance of not taking the rest of this fallen world too seriously. It stands on the ultimate importance of truth, something rooted outside this realm of existence. Truth cannot … Continue reading

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