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Glory in Context

In our world today, the most powerful tool of oppression is preclusion. If someone can prevent your awareness of what’s actually going on, it’s much easier to keep you enslaved. This is the root of Satan’s work. This is why … Continue reading

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Sixty One

Since it’s my birthday, I’ll take the luxury of ranting a bit. I have said that the closest I come to activism is in regards to the Internet. While it’s wholly unlikely I would try to leverage persuasion via typical … Continue reading

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Virtual Guardians

Must we dig into the self-evident fact that corporations and marketers are greedy and generally willing to do anything to take your money? While particular individuals might own up to certain ethical barriers, you don’t get an MBA without absorbing … Continue reading

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Google World

Consumer software is a moving target and any advice I might offer is obsolete three days later. On the tail of my advice to switch from Chrome-based browsers to Mozilla-based, I now read some of the less public chatter and … Continue reading

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Watch How God Works

There are multiple revolutions taking place all at once. The most dangerous ones are in virtual space. On the one hand, you should expect to see some very serious efforts at Internet censorship during the Trump administration. On the other … Continue reading

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New URL Is Live

Okay, it looks like the new URL is working: Do What’s Right. Also, I’ve set up the G Suite services so you can email me at ehurst@soulkiln.blog — this is now the preferred means of email contact. I’ll be adding … Continue reading

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This Blog Upgraded

Because of generous donations to my PayPal account, I’ve decided to upgrade my account on this blog. I’ve taken out the cheapest option ($48/year), of course, but it includes a new domain name: soulkiln.blog — it may take some time … Continue reading

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