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Teachings of Jesus — John 8:31-47

Faith is not an ethnic identity. The issue here is not who was born of Abraham, but who embraced Abraham’s faith. On the surface, the English translations of this passage can be somewhat confusing. If these folks began believing in … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — John 8:21-30

A critical element in divine revelation is ensuring that no one has any excuse when they stand before divine judgment. This explains why Jesus spent so much time explaining things to those who would never believe His message. This is … Continue reading

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Radix Fidem Curriculum 04

5. Jesus the Messiah When Christ began His ministry, a critical element in what He did was to call His people back to the ancient Hebrew understanding of the Covenant. A great deal of what He had to say is … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — John 8:1-12

Personally, I suspect John was like any other writer, in that sometimes he published something only to wish later he had remembered to include something important. In some English translations you will find marginal notes or footnotes indicating that this … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — John 7:25-53

We know that Luke managed to ferret out the details of Jesus’ birth and some outline of His early years. His gospel reflects this dramatic tale of birth in His ancestral home of Bethlehem, as a descendent of King David. … Continue reading

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Hands Tied by God

First and foremost: We follow Christ alone. Without any apology, we serve Him at whatever cost to our comfort, convenience, or even our lives. Furthermore, we assert that most Westerners have no clue who He is, nor who He was … Continue reading

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Biblical Morals in War

If we are going to follow Christ, we cannot afford to insert into our religion a value system that He did not hold. If there’s one thing this blog shouts out repeatedly, it’s that Western morals do not reflect those … Continue reading

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