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Teachings of Jesus — John 4:27-42

Continuing the same scene from our previous lesson, the Twelve came back out to Jacob’s Well while Jesus was still speaking with the woman. While they wondered about this highly unlikely scene, they kept their silence. She left her water … Continue reading

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The Edges Will Always Be Frayed

The path of Biblical Law will isolate you from the fallen world. And the Book of Revelation makes it quite clear that humanity will gradually decline into a more fallen condition, falling farther and farther below the grace of God. … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — John 4:4-26

First, a short reminder: The Samaritans were not “half-breed Jews.” Something like 90% of the original population of the Northern Kingdom had been taken away by Assyria, and replaced with pagan folks from Hamath, and some from Elam and from … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Luke 12:49-53

In a fallen world, divine revelation is divisive. The substance of the Fall was turning away from the heart-led way of obedience to God, and choosing to trust in human capabilities to discern truth. Thus, the whole world is born … Continue reading

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A Distinctly Christian Philosophy

I’ve rattled my cage long and often on subject of epistemology. The Ancient Hebrew mystical approach is not simply another one on the menu of options; it is the approach God cultivated in the minds of those who knew Him … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Luke 10:25-37

The entire identity of Israel was bound up in the Covenant. It was not in just the Law as written by Moses, but all of the implications of that Law. Further, it was not found in Hellenistic analysis underlying the … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Luke 7:36-50

Please understand that this is not the same event that took place in Bethany, on the hill east of Jerusalem close to the Crucifixion. Luke places this in the context of working in Galilee some time earlier, and the details … Continue reading

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