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Refresh: Symbols and Rituals

On the one hand, the symbols are just that — symbols. They are not the thing itself. The key to mysticism is that we believe our current “reality” is just one huge deception. There are glimpses of ultimate reality and … Continue reading

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Sermon on the Mount 2

Salt and Light: Matthew 5:13-16 Once more, take a moment to consider that there were two primary points of focus in the Sermon on the Mount: the Covenant and the Messiah. Jesus is teaching how to restore the Covenant and … Continue reading

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The Law of Mercy

The Law Covenants are mercy. We are fallen creatures; we are the ones who abandoned the created order of things. That Flaming Sword of the Word at the entrance back into Eden was the most merciful thing He could do. … Continue reading

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Radix Fidem Booklet 4

4. We follow Christ. Jesus Christ as a historical figure was the final revelation of God’s moral character. Everything that departs from His teaching is inherently wrong. No living human — past, present or future — could claim to be … Continue reading

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Unchained Vision, Part 5

Let’s take a moment to throw out some junk doctrine. Let’s go back and search for truth among the eternal perspectives of the Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) peoples, of whom Israel was one nation. That was the setting God built … Continue reading

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We Won’t Play

Start the game without us. This is just a fresh restatement of where this parish stands. We aren’t looking to change the course of history. Our Savior made it clear that human political action accomplishes nothing useful for His Kingdom. … Continue reading

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Cursing and Blessing

The image of the evil witch stirring a foul-smelling cauldron and uttering dark curses on a stormy night is entirely Western and entirely absent from Scripture. The foundation of all things in the Bible is recognizing the moral fabric of … Continue reading

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