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A Little More about “Law”

In the Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) mind, “law” was nothing like our Western concept. It was always envisioned as a covenant. It was personal and feudal in nature. The closest term we can use is a “suzerain-vassal treaty,” and even … Continue reading

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Sermon on the Mount 3

The Last Measure — Matthew 5:17-20 Everything about this passage hangs on how you understand Matthew’s choice of the Greek word for “fulfill” (pleroo play-rah’-oh) in verse 17. Once again, let’s remind ourselves that there are two primary issues behind … Continue reading

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Nothing to Hide

Based on the questions people do ask, it seems to me there are a lot of questions implied that people don’t ask, so I’m going to offer some clarifications on things discussed on this blog. My point here is to … Continue reading

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Zionism: Give It Time

So far I’ve managed to avoid painting a target on myself, in that I’ve not noticed any pressure from Zionists. If you’ve read much here at all, you know that I am no fan of the modern State of Israel, … Continue reading

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The Cult, Part 3

The cult is not Judaism. Up to now what I’ve said about Judaism is pretty much what you might learn at any evangelical Bible college or seminary. It’s hardly controversial and attracts very little attention because there’s simply way too … Continue reading

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