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Teachings of Jesus: Matthew 10:23-27

Jesus offers a fundamental image of His Kingdom. You cannot hope to understand the Covenant, Jehovah, the Messiah or following Christ unless you understand the concept of eastern feudalism. The primary issue in eastern feudalism is that everything is personal. … Continue reading

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Sermon on the Mount 19

False Disciples 7:21-23 Jesus continues the thought in the previous lesson — there are false prophets and false disciples. The same criterion applies; it’s not enough to observe protocol. There has to be a solid connection with the heart and … Continue reading

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Sermon on the Mount 15

Judge Not 7:1-6 Jesus cites another Talmudic teaching. Matthew uses a neutral Greek word for “judge” (krino) — it’s meaning is entirely contextual. Thus, Jesus puts that teaching into a clear context regarding the hypocrisy so common to Scribes and … Continue reading

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Many Are Called; Few Respond

We cannot know what Adam and Eve knew when they ate the Forbidden Fruit. We do get the feeling they were led astray, which is what we would expect. Satan came to them as a powerful archangel and they respected … Continue reading

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Vision of the Ages in the Current Context

It’s ancient; there’s nothing new about it. How many of you have given attention to the Gospel accounts of the lynch mob whipped up by the Sanhedrin to demand Jesus’ crucifixion? Whenever the evil establishment is threatened by loss of … Continue reading

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New Article: Spiritual Networking

New permanent article on the static site: Spiritual Networking. The thesis asserts the Internet is a parable for the Kingdom of Heaven. As such, it is also one of the greatest gifts from God as the means to honestly carrying … Continue reading

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