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Yet Another Discussion of Law and Grace

My religion is Christian Mysticism. I’m sure you’ll associate all kinds of ideas with that, and most of them will be wrong, but it’s the closest I can get for you, because I am not part of the mainstream. That’s … Continue reading

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They Say It’s Nutty

It’s not that we pay no attention to the consequences of our choices, but that our knowledge of the consequences aren’t the primary guide for our choices. We do what’s morally right. Not because of any alleged good payoff, but … Continue reading

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The Magic Jesus Wand

Some readers will not get this; sometimes it’s very hard to untangle the lies of linear thinking and binary logic. It’s a standard feature of American theology, as if human reason was the rule to which all belief must bow … Continue reading

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The Real Normal

Revelation is inherently symbolic, non-literal parables. Do you suppose there might be a reason God’s first revelation to fallen mankind was to assert the truth of The Fall? That’s what that business of the Flaming Sword was about at the … Continue reading

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The Law Is Grace

Western Christians typically say things like, “Words mean something.” Words are not truth, nor even containers of truth. Words are, at best, mere signs pointing out a path that brings you to God. God is truth. All truth is God’s … Continue reading

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