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Teachings of Jesus — Matthew 12:1-14

We have noted often how the Pharisees had added quite a few restrictions to the Law that were not required by Moses. They had done so as part of their shift to Hellenized rationalism, which turned their Hebrew mysticism into … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus: Matthew 10:5-15

Most people don’t quite get what’s going on here. First, we have to understand something of the religious behavior of Jesus’ day. Jesus was an established rabbi; no one questioned His status. He probably wore a distinctive rabbinical garment. We … Continue reading

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A Little More about “Law”

In the Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) mind, “law” was nothing like our Western concept. It was always envisioned as a covenant. It was personal and feudal in nature. The closest term we can use is a “suzerain-vassal treaty,” and even … Continue reading

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Not Necromancy

I spoke with my father-in-law the other day; he’s been dead for several years. No, this is not necromancy. The Bible makes it pretty clear that the dead do not come back unless God sends them. At His whim that … Continue reading

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We Won’t Play

Start the game without us. This is just a fresh restatement of where this parish stands. We aren’t looking to change the course of history. Our Savior made it clear that human political action accomplishes nothing useful for His Kingdom. … Continue reading

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Psalm 81

While this sounds somewhat like the call to the Feast of Tabernacles, the whole seventh month (Tishri) is consumed in various celebrations following the olive harvest: Trumpets (1st), the Day of Atonement (10th) and then Tabernacles (15th). The psalmist mentions … Continue reading

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Understanding Divine Mercy

As a whole, Western Christianity gets forgiveness alarmingly wrong. King David committed horrid crimes. We read in 2 Samuel 11-12 of his adultery and murder. On the one hand, he was the king of what was then a very powerful … Continue reading

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