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Trust Your Heart Alone

You cannot simply turn your mind off. The heart-led way puts the heart back on its proper throne, making the intellect a mighty servant. Without your mind, you cannot organize and implement obedience to what the convictions of the heart … Continue reading

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Don’t Go There

I suppose someone needs to state the obvious. First, let’s establish that I don’t give a rat’s patootie how this all turns out. Over and over again for the past twenty years I’ve steadfastly warned that the US was doomed … Continue reading

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Draper Point 7

Point 7 isn’t much to look at. The terrain around it is much more interesting. This arm of land jutting out into the northwest corner of Draper Lake contains the canyon, and the ridge hosts several lovely features, like that … Continue reading

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…And Furthermore

This continues the previous post. Patriarchy is written into human DNA. As long as there are X and Y chromosomes, and their presence results in physiological differences, nothing on this earth can change masculine dominance. It exists when it is … Continue reading

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The Law of Networking

This is just a prophetic warning to folks who assuredly aren’t listening to God in the first place. First, a basic principle: The virtual world is not the same as the real world. What works in the latter doesn’t necessarily … Continue reading

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Sermon on the Mount 7 (Updated)

Retaliation versus Restoration 5:38-42 It would be hard to find a passage that has been used and abused to spawn more nonsense than this one. It seems precious few commentators have ever bothered to discover the context in Hebrew history. … Continue reading

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God’s Law Is Different 1

What follows is eldercraft — my best answers to moral questions. This is what you’ll get if you defer to me as elder. This pertains to issues with governments and laws versus Biblical Law. You are the only one who … Continue reading

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