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Digging the Grave for Linux

Someday, I won’t be using Linux any more. First you have to understand why I use it now: It is the single best replacement for commercial operating systems. It is so for me, and for some of my tech support … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 18.04 Hibernate and Suspend Fix

This tutorial assumes a limited familiarity with using Linux already. Most of this will be performed in a terminal emulator window. I recommend you maximize the window size and open two tabs or terminal windows for this. With one we … Continue reading

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Dell XPS: Upgrading Ubuntu

My Dell XPS 13 came with Ubuntu 16.04. That’s still valid and supported for a few more years yet. However, depending on the kind of work you do on that system, it’s often necessary to upgrade the OS to the … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces 32

It was a bit of tribulation upgrading the tower from Xubuntu 16.04 to 18.04. But it’s working now and I’m looking forward to feature updates that should fix some of the nagging deficiencies. I think the new laptop will stay … Continue reading

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Administrivia: New Phone

This is just an FYI. I ordered a nearly new but used Android phone on eBay from another customer using the same provider. Thus, the phone easily activated in my name and is quite usable. I’ve linked it to my … Continue reading

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Technology and Future-proofing

Someone asked me to explain my prayer request for that expensive laptop. First, a link to the machine in question. Primary advantage: Nobody has to worry about whether Linux can be installed and run on this thing; it comes with … Continue reading

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A General Rant at Linux Developers

It’s hard to single out anyone, or even a team that works together. The problem I see is a broad attitude that is fairly consistent across the whole community. Stop advocating Linux if you refuse to deliver what users want … Continue reading

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