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Don’t Try to Make Sense of It

In the coming days, some of us will face jolting moral quandaries. A couple of days ago, Mr. T mentioned the Trolley Problem, a popular test of ethics. I’m not going to spoon-feed any answers to you; what matters is … Continue reading

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The Norm of Miracles

Before anyone starts to ask the questions, the answer is mysticism. We can wrap our answers in reason, but the fundamental issue remains, “Thus saith the Lord” who made all things and determines how reality works. Further, He has not … Continue reading

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Logical Odds and Ends

A couple of recent comments and some offline conversation seem to call for a fresh attempt to explain a couple of items. Ancient Near East (ANE) — We are not ANE. We harken back to that collection of civilizations because … Continue reading

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The Logic of Radix Fidem

(See the “Radix Fidem” tab above for an explanation of the label.) The mystical mind need not be impractical. I just wanted to offer a quick review for all the new subscribers to this blog. One of our biggest problems … Continue reading

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Death Is Just a Circumstance

The title is a catchphrase I’ve been using for years. It’s the kind of thing you say because you know that the words would never really capture the truth in the first place. Instead, you reach for a way to … Continue reading

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Debate Context: Standing

All debate over Christian religion is inherently legal-historical. The Bible makes claims; it asserts a feudal claim on all human existence. It further asserts an even stronger claim over all that exists as a matter of legal right and privilege. … Continue reading

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Logic and the Fall: New Permanent Document

Added a new article to my archive at the static site here: Logic Games: Doctrine of the Fall. It’s a very condensed look at how to deconstruct certain kinds of arguments you see presented often on the Net. Feel free … Continue reading

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