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Just Speculation

So you probably have already seen a lot of speculative press on what to expect from a Trump presidency. I wouldn’t bet on much of it, particularly the policy stuff. It will change some, but it remains to be seen … Continue reading

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The Drift in Reality

They don’t understand because they refuse to understand. Don’t be like them. God is creating a new reality; He invites our participation. He calls to us with warmth and longing, if only we would shift to a heart-led consciousness so … Continue reading

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Head and Heart

I have no doubt that some US government agency is behind the slaughter in Orlando. I’ve worked in US government service; I’ve seen how it works. The hive-mind of the bureaucracy is dehumanizing, inhuman and inhumane. I know for a … Continue reading

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It’s Always the Product

Reading through the stories on Christian news sites is really depressing. Back when I went to teacher’s college in the 1990s, there was this trendy nonsense: “It’s process, not product.” When some of the professors started saying that about our … Continue reading

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Cycling: Antenna Farm

The Antenna Farm in OKC was once out in the boonies. Now it’s surrounded by multi-million dollar real estate. In a four-square-mile area there are over a dozen towers. This image (right) is just a few from one angle. With … Continue reading

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Net Future

Some of you, dear readers, grasp the heart-led awareness. If you do, then you are acutely aware that most of the world does not, will not, and perhaps cannot get it. The nature of heart-led compassion for the world that … Continue reading

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Strident Media Racket and Apocalypse

This post is a bit long, so I won’t blame you for skipping it. The only questions that matter start with moral truth. I’ll keep hammering this issue over and over, that all truth is a question of morality, not … Continue reading

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