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Heavenly Consolation

Paul and his companions followed one solid rule during those missionary journeys: Go only where the Lord opens a door. It didn’t matter what made the most sense, or where he was yearning and burning to go. You have to … Continue reading

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Log and Ops

During my last tour of service in the US Army, I was engaged in a very vivid ministry of leadership in the American military community where I was stationed. At some point, that window of opportunity closed as a large … Continue reading

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Nobody Is Tempted to Serve

For those of us who live heart-led, it’s not too hard to untangle the mess. This figure tells a story that is no way surprising to anyone who has worked on software projects before: demand for fixes and features is … Continue reading

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Legal Excuse

Just a short one this time: No human legal system is equivalent to morality. It is never more than a pitiful compromise between competing demands. Companies like Yes Communities will use the laws as an excuse for some of the … Continue reading

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Hunting for a Vehicle (Updated)

I noted previously a prayer request for another vehicle. One of our regular readers asked for a better accounting of how we are doing this. It seems to me I have no reason to keep this so very private if … Continue reading

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Yes! Means “NO” Part 2

Refer to the previous post on this subject here. So it hasn’t gotten any better. The upper management must have been closely watching. Every time we had a park manager who tried to be close to us residents, they were … Continue reading

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Actively Non-activist and CompSec

If you are an activist of any sort, I might be able to help you with security. Context: I am not an activist. I am utterly certain that, while we might gain some simulacrum of limited political goals, the system … Continue reading

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