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VA Trip: Adventure

The unseasonably warm weather encouraged me to ride my bike to the VA this morning. When I left home at around 6:30 it was about 45°F (7C) and felt even warmer. The only thing I did differently was add a … Continue reading

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Of Cattle and Sheep

Does it require an explanation so long and detailed that nobody will read it? The US health care system is a time bomb in the first place. It is broken and the fix is not what everyone imagines. If you … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Heart Hospital Is Grossly Incompetent

Let me make this clear: You may well receive very good medical care from Oklahoma Heart Hospital. However, their accounting and billing operation is so pitifully incompetent it borders on criminal negligence in my opinion. Let me explain. We all … Continue reading

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Free Care Is Expensive

Hospitals are not a healthy atmosphere. Yesterday was another VA appointment. I didn’t learn what I wanted to know, but I did learn something. Through the stumbling bureaucratic confusion, I managed to get an echo cardiogram. The technician said she … Continue reading

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Released from Ortho

Today I had what turned out to be my last Orthopedics appointment at the VA (we hope). The x-ray showed the patella was all healed up. Apparently they don’t plan to remove the screws and I can understand that. There … Continue reading

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Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome

My heart is healthy, but the wiring around it is faulty, so to speak. The title above is the name for this problem, as I understand it. This thing is capricious. There are aggravating factors, but the thing itself can … Continue reading

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Progress Prayer Request

Bottom line: I need a rowing machine because biking is still a very long way off. Rowing is the only way I can engage the aerobic training so important to my general fitness. I’d love to have a kayak or … Continue reading

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