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Sermon on the Mount 7 (Updated)

Retaliation versus Restoration 5:38-42 It would be hard to find a passage that has been used and abused to spawn more nonsense than this one. It seems precious few commentators have ever bothered to discover the context in Hebrew history. … Continue reading

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Privileged Children

One of the things we all hate dealing with is entitled brats. A significant portion of the Millennial Generation suffers under this delusion, a delusion that knows no racial boundaries. This is not the same thing as the privilege of … Continue reading

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Sermon on the Mount 1

We have no good way of extrapolating backward from Matthew’s Greek Gospel to the Aramaic words Jesus spoke. Thus, we have to rely on Matthew’s choice of terminology and his knowledge of Greek. He was a cousin of Jesus who … Continue reading

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Kingdom of Joy

I continue revising my book about the Gospels. In regards to Matthew 9, one of the things I wrote was: Why should the Lamb of God neglect the observance of ritual fasting? The Law of Moses called for one annual … Continue reading

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Natural Division and Departure

This post may well cause some of you to unsubscribe; it’s okay. In John 6, Jesus did some interesting miracles and quite a few folks followed Him, thinking this was the political Messiah they had been expecting. By His miracles … Continue reading

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