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Teachings of Jesus — Matthew 21:23-32

The final confrontation had begun. Jesus came to Jerusalem knowing He was about to be abused and executed. In the process, He must call attention to the moral failures of those who hated Him. The Sanhedrin were well aware of … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Matthew 11:1-19

John the Baptist had preached repentance to the Covenant in the Jordan Valley because it was convenient for observing the baptism cleansing ritual year-round. In his preaching, he disparaged as sinful the scandalous divorce and remarriage of Herod Antipas. For … Continue reading

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The Hedgerow of Lies 4

It’s not necessary to dig any deeper into the debate about Judaism and Jews. God has said repeatedly to His Chosen that He longs for them to return home to His revelation. We would love it if Jews would return … Continue reading

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StT: Another Sample

All truth is God’s truth. Otherwise, it’s baloney. There’s an underlying principle at work when we study the Scripture here at Kiln of the Soul. We leave the door wide open for Our Father to decide how He will speak … Continue reading

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TMOC 7: All in the Family

We know Jesus possessed a prophetic insight. Some of His decisions arise directly from that, but this does not remove the purely human motives which surely fed into some of those choices. Too often Western Christians paint the scenes of … Continue reading

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