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Log and Ops

During my last tour of service in the US Army, I was engaged in a very vivid ministry of leadership in the American military community where I was stationed. At some point, that window of opportunity closed as a large … Continue reading

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Covenant Soldier

When it comes to human events in this world, everything rests on the Covenants. Nothing we do in this life can be isolated from the applicable covenant. Let’s not bog this down with chasing all the ways in which the … Continue reading

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Mission Priorities

Our path is communion with Creation. We don’t have wisdom so much as we participate in divine wisdom. Sometimes we can communicate that wisdom to other people as a way of signalling that we can offer something worth their attention. … Continue reading

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It’s Who I Am

Why do you do it? It’s who I am. I fully admit that I was a fool, but not the kind of fool most people think I was. I was a fool for believing the lies. Not in the sense … Continue reading

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A Quick Shot

If want the propaganda version, you can find it lots of places. It’s baloney. The real Warrior’s Creed (from Robert L. Humphrey): Wherever I walk, everyone is a little bit safer because I am there. Wherever I am, anyone in … Continue reading

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I’m Not Finished Yet

This is the last post in the series of four. In the Old Testament we see a very ancient feudal approach to military service. As a profession, it was not limited to nobles, but included a large number of peasants … Continue reading

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The One in the Mirror

We have to ditch the mental habits of our world. One of those habits is seeking some body of objective truth. So long as you cling to that, there will always be someone ready to crush you for having a … Continue reading

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