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Understanding Miracles

Our Western Civilization is loaded with so much intellectual trash, it’s a wonder anyone finds peace with God. Still, it’s there for those who seek His favor. Along with everything else that comes with His favor is a phenomenon in … Continue reading

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Understanding Spiritual Gifts 04

3. Manifestations These gifts are: word of wisdom, word of knowledge, word of faith, healing, miracles, word of prophecy, word of discernment, glossolalia, and interpretation of tongues. These are ecstatic utterances of the mouth accompanying various miraculous effects in others. … Continue reading

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On Variable Reality

The actual truth cannot be put into words; we can only present it as parable. Your heart can discern things the mind cannot, and an active heart-centered focus will protect your mind from it’s own inherent weaknesses. This is why … Continue reading

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Can I Interest You in a Metaphorical Shovel?

You can’t call it an ambition, but I strive to one end in this life: I want to be translated into Heaven like Enoch and Elijah. Getting there requires using everything God has granted us in this world to be … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Luke 4:16-30

We have finished the unique material from Mark’s Gospel and move on to Luke. There are three issues at work here in this passage. First is the intransigence of human intellect in the face of miracles. If you aren’t heart-led … Continue reading

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Who Shall Believe Their Report?

We live in a fairly civilized world today. Most of humanity at least gives lip service to the idea of human rights. We put a lot of stock in education. There was a time in history when things like geometry … Continue reading

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The Image of Power

You must find your own balance point, and it will always be contextual. It’s a dynamic thing that requires constant attention and prayer, seeking the sweet spot where God’s glory in your life shines brightest, and where moral peace is … Continue reading

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