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Bits and Pieces 26

1. Think about it: We who live heart-led have the nerve to tell the world that a billion Western minds are wrong. That’s my estimate, a mere approximation; if you want to fuss over details, you already fail to understand … Continue reading

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Time Not Wasted

On the route I call the Sooner Corridor, I cross a bridge over Crutch Creek near Interstate 40 and no local agency wants to take responsibility for trimming the foliage. In this first image, this is after a full summer’s … Continue reading

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Too Late for Regret

I’m ready. Having spent this long listening to the convictions in my heart, I can’t go back. At whatever cost, I’m staying on this path. On the one hand, I could arrange for your inspection a list of proofs that … Continue reading

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Admin: Kiln Blog Is Gone

I’ve deleted the other blog from the server. I’m still working through all the links, but all the content from the other blog is now here, so nothing is actually lost. What this means is you can delete your bookmarks … Continue reading

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Collected Random Photos

Just wanted to share some random images. This first one is some of local flowering trees from a month ago. The season passes quickly and you won’t find such blossoms now. Horses are a big thing around these parts. This … Continue reading

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Open Line Friday

This is the place for your random questions. Just post something in the comments and I’ll respond appropriately.

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Bits and Pieces 25

Mr. T raises a good point in a comment on yesterday’s post. He notes that DNA is a factor in high-trust societies, and that neither nature nor nurture can explain how high-trust arises, or when it doesn’t. Of course, my … Continue reading

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