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Bits and Pieces 31

We have freezing rain and sleet today. When we got up early this morning, it was 68°F (20C) — almost sweltering. By mid-morning a cold front blew in and the temperatures plunged. It’s below freezing now. And I’m fidgeting just … Continue reading

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Gimme a Break

Nothing to write today. Not that I don’t have anything on my mind, but nothing worthy of your valuable time. Thanks for checking anyway.

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Bits and Pieces 29

Simply as a matter of accountability, I report that the laptop with one added accessory (a dongle with extra ports) has been ordered. Everything should be here by 27 December. I’ll take pictures of the unboxing for your amusement, and … Continue reading

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You Can Skip This Post

If your time and attention is limited, this is one you can ignore. It’s just a few personal items that I feel the need to share with those who can take a moment, who feel a need to know. I’m … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces 27

I contacted Del City about that mystery tree, and was referred to someone at a local agricultural college extension service. The farther I have to go afield like that, the less likely anyone will take an interest in my query. … Continue reading

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Random Photos 03

Remember this? I shot a picture of an odd tree this last spring, intrigued by the color mix. So now I have a much more recent image; it seems to have lost it’s leaves very quickly when the overnight lows … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces 26

1. Think about it: We who live heart-led have the nerve to tell the world that a billion Western minds are wrong. That’s my estimate, a mere approximation; if you want to fuss over details, you already fail to understand … Continue reading

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