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I Am Expendable

Having said that… The genie is out of the bottle; we are not going to restore the privacy I had as a child. I was literally a nobody, and it would have taken quite some expense to track my history … Continue reading

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Radix Fidem Curriculum: Community

9. Community Jesus said that Biblical Law could be summarized in two main points. First is the obvious: You must embrace God as your Lord and commit to His revelation as your sole guide in life. Second is that you … Continue reading

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I May Not Care

Because of my confidence that God can speak to you just like He does me, and that your hearts are at least as wise as my own, I’m going to trust that you will get what I’m saying here. I’m … Continue reading

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Divine Presence in Biblical Law

Biblical Law is its own reward. We need to understand that shalom is both requirement and reward. We need to keep before our eyes how Biblical Law is the character of Christ. We should desire it by reflex as the … Continue reading

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The Best This Life Has to Offer

The will of God is its own reward. We can call it all kinds of things — Biblical Law, the character of Christ, the Word of the Lord — but the will of God for you is, in the most … Continue reading

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Boundaries with Women

There are women who don’t demand control. I’ve gotten more than one response to my post on the Bitch Goddess. The post was aimed at the Satanic corruption of womanhood, not womanhood itself. The Lord made woman from the same … Continue reading

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Life Mission

It’s more than a dream; it’s the story of what God is doing right now. The sun shines in my soul, regardless of the conditions outside my bedroom window. It warms me at night as I fade off into sleep. … Continue reading

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