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Sermon on the Mount 14

Seek the Kingdom First 6:25-34 In Jesus’ day there was no state-operated welfare system to abuse. Instead, there was a covenant under which a person’s extended family was responsible for their welfare, but was also held accountable for most everything … Continue reading

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Clarifying “I Need More”

Ref: I Need More — I suppose sleeping on it gives me more time to process and reduce the initial excitement. This is another one of those points when some of you are likely to have had enough and move … Continue reading

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Destiny’s Baloney

Brother Jay and I are chatting about something in the background: The Western concept of destiny is unadulterated nonsense. First, we have to deal with the impossible notion that God is not bound by the past as we are in … Continue reading

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Stir Up the Gift

Just a reminder: Prophecy doesn’t work the way most Westerners think it should. That’s why we have thousands of very real prophets who get no attention, and may well be deeply confused themselves. Meanwhile, Westerners keep chasing after a whole … Continue reading

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No Flag to Wave

I needed the reminder. It’s not a matter of hostility, not on my end. But I do have a sense of what Paul felt (Acts 18:5-6) when he made the decision to cease working through the synagogues. After the unbearable … Continue reading

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Mission Priorities

Our path is communion with Creation. We don’t have wisdom so much as we participate in divine wisdom. Sometimes we can communicate that wisdom to other people as a way of signalling that we can offer something worth their attention. … Continue reading

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I’m Not Finished Yet

This is the last post in the series of four. In the Old Testament we see a very ancient feudal approach to military service. As a profession, it was not limited to nobles, but included a large number of peasants … Continue reading

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