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Ax in the Forest

The heart-led way is a lonely path. On the one hand, we are never actually alone because all of Creation is our friend. On the other hand, that in itself socially isolates us. The fault is with everyone else who … Continue reading

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Glory Behind Walls

I hope you take the time to read Christine’s post Managing the “Ick” Factor. For me it was a good reminder and good timing. As we descend farther into this time of tribulation, there will be a whole raft of … Continue reading

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Don’t Try to Make Sense of It

In the coming days, some of us will face jolting moral quandaries. A couple of days ago, Mr. T mentioned the Trolley Problem, a popular test of ethics. I’m not going to spoon-feed any answers to you; what matters is … Continue reading

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The Demon God of Sexual Fantasy

Westerners suffer a serious sexual psychopathology. Western mythology has destroyed countless lives. It’s not so much a single thread as a collection of false dichotomies, the standard binary logic that makes Western Civilization damnably dangerous to Christian morality. If you … Continue reading

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Broken Boundaries

Do you imagine that our common diseases today were absent from the Garden of Eden? If so, you would still be suffering from Western mythology. In the Hebrew culture, disease wasn’t some alien presence in nature. It was always there, … Continue reading

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Speak Your Peace

I know where I have to stand in this world to keep peace with God. The boundaries in a Western society are not amenable to biblical morality, but that doesn’t mean a Christian Mystic can’t draw clear limits on some … Continue reading

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Resume for the Network Age

You can’t hire me, but you can invoke my loyalty. On the one hand, we must comply with the laws of the land at least enough to fly under the radar. On the other hand, you must understand that I … Continue reading

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