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On Staying Out of Sight

The basis for oppression and control these days, and even more so in the future, is homogeneity of the population en masse. It’s the principle of herding, of reducing people to a commodity. To “commoditize” something means making all of … Continue reading

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I May Not Care

Because of my confidence that God can speak to you just like He does me, and that your hearts are at least as wise as my own, I’m going to trust that you will get what I’m saying here. I’m … Continue reading

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Divine Expectations

This is Christian Mysticism. There is a very strong reason I play loosey-goosey with theology: Your brain cannot contain divine truth. God does not work in the brain in that sense; He works only in the heart. You convictions, written … Continue reading

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Fond Memory: Martin Box

During my time volksmarching in the Benelux, I usually tried to avoid the social clumsiness of walking the same pace as some strangers near me at any point. They typically returned the favor. But I typically wore a hat that … Continue reading

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If I Still Could…

I’ve discussed my military service in the past. The primary motive was not any particular patriotism, but simply my character. Soldering is in my soul, and more now than ever, despite being physically unable to serve for the past 25 … Continue reading

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Church Is Not an Open Square

The church was meant to be a private family gathering. It was modeled on the synagogue; the public could attend, but the proceedings were aimed at the family members. The focus was to improve family life and strengthen the covenant. … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Matthew 13:24-43

This is about the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus contrasts its nature with that of human kingdoms. The key is His quotation (v. 35) from Psalms 78:1-4. The context of the psalm is a reminder that the language of parables was … Continue reading

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