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Can I Interest You in a Metaphorical Shovel?

You can’t call it an ambition, but I strive to one end in this life: I want to be translated into Heaven like Enoch and Elijah. Getting there requires using everything God has granted us in this world to be … Continue reading

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You Cannot Trust Reality

We’ve all experienced it at one time or another. You proceed along some route of travel and suddenly some other traveler appears out of nowhere. Maybe you collide or maybe you just get a shock from how near you came … Continue reading

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A Voice Crying in the Wilderness

The text of my book Heart of Faith is essentially complete, but I’m not going to finalize it for publication until I’ve serialized the entire draft here. Meanwhile, I have time on my hands to pray and contemplate other things. … Continue reading

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Governed by Self-indulgence

Don’t be self-indulgent and allow yourself to operate like a six-year-old. When I describe the stages of human moral development, I’m offering a frame of reference. It’s a working model of how things tend to go. So when I say … Continue reading

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