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Economics of Neofeudalism

It’s not that centralization is inherently evil. It’s that centralizers never obey the fundamental moral character of Creation. Nobody centralizes out of concern for the welfare of the people; there is always — always — a hidden agenda to pad … Continue reading

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Radix Fidem Curriculum: Cosmology

5. Cosmology Jesus spoke often of the Kingdom of Heaven. Within the context of His ministry, the term refers to what would follow the Cross and the end of the Kingdom of Judah. While Judah was a human political entity, … Continue reading

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Answering 05: The Moral Sphere

You don’t have to take me seriously, but I am so confident in my message that I’m willing to stand alone against all of humanity at the same time. Insane or not, I assert without a hint of embarrassment that … Continue reading

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Lying Educational Standards

In the Bible, you face your Creator on His terms as a unique individual. You then walk in His Laws as a member of Creation and of your community. Should things work as they ought, you never stand alone after … Continue reading

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Cursing and Blessing

The image of the evil witch stirring a foul-smelling cauldron and uttering dark curses on a stormy night is entirely Western and entirely absent from Scripture. The foundation of all things in the Bible is recognizing the moral fabric of … Continue reading

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The Lie of Normal

Sometimes I almost despair of explaining how radically different is the postmodern Western worldview versus that of the ancient Hebrew. We have two millennia of Christian history built on lies-in-effect because the words of Scripture are read through hostile alien … Continue reading

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Prayer Request: I Gotta Move (Updated)

I won’t bore you with the details, but I got really angry today and yelled at some of the employees of the trailer park where I live. The new manager has pissed off just about every one and I honestly … Continue reading

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