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It’s a Networked World

The core of the geek community is rabidly hostile to anything that smacks of censorship, and militantly favors radical free expression. Their influence is not always recognized by the broader consumer public. These two groups overlap some, but it’s hard … Continue reading

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Natural Recompense

In my hand was one of those folding extended reach tools, which I call a “picker.” Out in Choctaw I always kept one for picking blackberries and sand plums. Around here it’s now used as a trash picker. In my … Continue reading

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Psalm 82

Always: Context is everything in Hebrew. People have made much of God (Elohim) referring to other figures in this psalm as gods (elohim). But it takes only a quick review of the Books of Moses to see that the term … Continue reading

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Trust Your Heart

We are rather fragile creatures. There is no superman capable of withstanding every form of abuse and torture men have devised. Our flesh is fallen and at some point each of us will break. The Scripture warns us that, while … Continue reading

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Divine Exploitation

We exploit tribulation. Does anyone have to tell you that our current situation, at least here in the West, constitutes the condition the Bible calls “tribulation”? Not merely a social discomfort, but we are in the beginning of a global … Continue reading

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Compute Morally

Can the Law of Noah apply to computers? My wife has run Win7 on her desktop machine since it was released. It’s not that she never found any unwanted malware, but that it never affected the operation of her system. … Continue reading

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Wandering Stick

Whatever happened to desiring moral dominance? First, a brief lesson in biblical Hebrew expression. The terms “rod” and “staff” are roughly synonymous. When you read the expression — “thy rod and thy staff” — it refers to a single object, … Continue reading

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