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Moral Logic: Human Need

Biblical moral reasoning proceeds from the heart, not the head. We live to reflect the glory of our Creator back at Him. Broadly speaking, human conduct glorifies Him by adhering to His revelation, both in the doing and in reaping … Continue reading

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More on Foul Winds

If this is your first visit here, you’ll probably struggle with a lot of catching up to do. This post is specifically for my virtual parish here, but the whole world is welcome to come and read it. Sometimes I … Continue reading

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Foul Winds

The fundamental concept of sin is arguing with God. In terms of the Law Covenants, God places a very high priority on social stability (shalom). His revelation obliges us to act consistent with His character, which is woven into the … Continue reading

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Tertiary: Question is the Answer

Pardon me while I blather for a moment. I can tell you my story and my answers, but I won’t pretend to have much more than the provisional decisions I make for myself. And tomorrow I might change my mind. … Continue reading

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Quandary: Logic and Morals

I keep hoping I’ve got it explained, but from time to time, questions come up indicating that, for at least one person, I came up short. This business of moral reasoning throws people off the track. In the first place, … Continue reading

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The Cult of Success

One of the most pervasive and pernicious cults in the world is the Cult of Success. Jesus died on the Cross and called it “victory.” Absorb that for a moment. How easily we forget that the fundamental Laws of God … Continue reading

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Job 35

The moral reasoning of Job’s culture operates on multiple levels simultaneously. There simply is nothing to parallel this in Western Civilization. Job and the trio were guilty of contextual confusion in their debates. To be more precise, Job’s friends were … Continue reading

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