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Playful Kitties are Better

The hard core gamer walk-throughs presented on YouTube are instructive. Back in my youth, I was a serious fanatic of Science Fiction. I could get lost in novels and short story anthologies for days at a time. I bought a … Continue reading

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We Are Open Source

If there’s one thing we affirm and embrace from the nascent Networked Civilization, it is the ethics of Open Source. I’ve already stated quite bluntly that I don’t support the legal concept of copyright and intellectual property because I’m convinced … Continue reading

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Conditional Physics

I felt that this didn’t fit in the pulpit because it’s didactic, more a question of fundamental philosophical approach. Western Christianity tends to push God out into the spooky unknown. God is “knowable” only in the sense of propositional statements … Continue reading

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Answering 06: Freedom

The truth will set you free. If all you have is mere factual knowledge and analysis, it won’t matter how much or how deep is your knowing, you are still trapped in this world and on the way to Hell. … Continue reading

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Moral Clarity Cannot Be Objective

If you can understand the Ancient Near Eastern intellectual context of the Bible, then you easily realize that the Scripture aims to present God’s moral character. That it may also reveal a little about history and other types of data … Continue reading

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Heart of Faith: Conclusion

Don’t live in your head. Be on guard against simplistic reading of the Hebrew Scriptures. Yes, Jeremiah 17:9 says that “the heart is desperately wicked” in most English translations. Hebrew thinking is the antithesis of legalistic semantic wrangling. A fair … Continue reading

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Introduction to Proverbs

(This is a formal draft of the study itself.) It would be impossible to characterize just why God decided He wanted to create a world populated with humans. Nothing in revelation provides a hint in that direction. However, we do … Continue reading

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