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Life as a Video

I still believe the biggest battles will be fought online. However, it’s not so much cyber warfare but information warfare. There are almost no advantages these days in choosing one operating system or software package over any other. The primary … Continue reading

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Updated and Renewed

Thanks to recent donations, I was able to renew this blog and the G Suite account attached to it. The domain name comes with it. We are good for another year.

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Assessing the Virtual and Social Climate (Updated)

I stand by the predictions I made a few days ago. When I go back and check them against my heart, the fire still burns brightly. God can always change His mind, as He has done often enough in the … Continue reading

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Remember the Future

It’s been quite frustrating from the human point of view. It started with a simple service call to replace a couple of case fans on a computer I built for someone a few years ago. That computer then stopped working … Continue reading

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Networking Elder

This business of eldercraft could use a little more declaration. As always, the biggest problem is the mountain of sludge that is our Western culture. And it’s worst of all here in the US. I’ve lived in other parts of … Continue reading

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Dreams, Visions and Plans

Yes, I honestly believe in private revelations, dreams and visions. I reject the notion that we can know only what we perceive with our senses and reason. I can know things that come down into my head from my spirit; … Continue reading

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The Law of Networking

This is just a prophetic warning to folks who assuredly aren’t listening to God in the first place. First, a basic principle: The virtual world is not the same as the real world. What works in the latter doesn’t necessarily … Continue reading

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