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The Same God as Always

Our Creator has not changed since Creation began. There is a pernicious heresy, a conscious teaching in some cases, but a passive subconscious assumption by most mainstream Christians that the Old Testament writers didn’t really know God. Or perhaps they … Continue reading

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They Say It’s Nutty

It’s not that we pay no attention to the consequences of our choices, but that our knowledge of the consequences aren’t the primary guide for our choices. We do what’s morally right. Not because of any alleged good payoff, but … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Matthew 11:20-30

Jesus compares the three cities where He spent most of His time and performed His most noteworthy miracles, against three Gentile cities most noted for their depth of heathen depravity. Sodom was destroyed in the massive volcanic explosion that superheated … Continue reading

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A Little More about “Law”

In the Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) mind, “law” was nothing like our Western concept. It was always envisioned as a covenant. It was personal and feudal in nature. The closest term we can use is a “suzerain-vassal treaty,” and even … Continue reading

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My Father’s World, Part 4

In the moral realm, the supernatural is natural; the paranormal is normal. Creation is loaded with manifestations of God’s glory and power. Why stop with spooky stuff? Human existence is filled with things that man’s intellect could never understand. If … Continue reading

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Reviewing Paul’s Letters

I’m currently working back through my book on Paul’s Letters, updating and clarifying some things. A couple of items stick out. Sovereignty — It’s not Calvinism. Calvin was hardly the first to notice that God is sovereign; Luther wrote a … Continue reading

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Heaven, Hell and Here

This isn’t theology, as if God and His revelation could be subjected to human reason. This is doctrine in the sense of teaching that serves to characterize my limited understanding. Teaching is pulling down out of my heart the moral … Continue reading

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