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The Same God as Always

Our Creator has not changed since Creation began. There is a pernicious heresy, a conscious teaching in some cases, but a passive subconscious assumption by most mainstream Christians that the Old Testament writers didn’t really know God. Or perhaps they … Continue reading

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Covenant Sexuality

This is long and it’s going to be hard for some of you to understand. If you are too deeply pickled in the Western mythology of romance, you may be revolted by some of this. If you are able to … Continue reading

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They Say It’s Nutty

It’s not that we pay no attention to the consequences of our choices, but that our knowledge of the consequences aren’t the primary guide for our choices. We do what’s morally right. Not because of any alleged good payoff, but … Continue reading

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A Little More about “Law”

In the Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) mind, “law” was nothing like our Western concept. It was always envisioned as a covenant. It was personal and feudal in nature. The closest term we can use is a “suzerain-vassal treaty,” and even … Continue reading

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BLDJ: Chapter 3

(Serializing here the draft of my book, Biblical Law: Divine Justice.) 3. Basic Biblical Law Code The Covenant of Moses was for that people, in that land, at that time in history. It was never meant to be universal. Further, … Continue reading

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AT: Wisdom Literature Published

Just published Ancient Truth: Wisdom Literature this morning. You can get your free copy here. This makes the thirteenth volume in the Ancient Truth series.

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Spiritualizing the Text: Sample

I’m working back through the passages where the New Testament writers were guilty of “spiritualizing the text” of the Old Testament. That’s sarcasm; I reject the notion there is anything wrong with doing that. Yet the same people who assert … Continue reading

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