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Handing It Out for Free

There’s a fundamental problem with some websites, particularly those that do business with individuals via accounts that require logins. Some of them do it in a very insecure manner. While they do require logins with cookies and so forth, they … Continue reading

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It Doesn’t End until You Die

The mission of revelation in this fallen world doesn’t end with any of us. Our Father’s glory blazed long before us, and will continue long after us. But we are permitted the grand privilege of participating in His glory if … Continue reading

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Only When They Feel the Heat

As long as people don’t get burned, they aren’t going to change anything that really matters. This is why privacy advocates will remain voices in the wilderness. The Big Tech privacy rapists have figured out how to remove the immediacy … Continue reading

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Social Media Hijack Vulnerabilities

I know that some of you still use Facebook; that’s your business. The problem is that Facebook is like the Borg in wanting to take over your virtual life. Stop and think about all the different services you know about … Continue reading

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Browser Extensions that Steal Your Privacy

Some browser extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox allow outside parties to track you indirectly. The extensions themselves are passing this information without informing you properly. Yes, they obey some obscure rules, but how many uses know those rules and … Continue reading

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Already in Motion

Why does it feel like the calm before a storm? Like most of you, dear readers, I struggle at times with teaching my mind to follow the heart’s wisdom. When I wrote that piece yesterday on police training, I knew … Continue reading

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Online Privacy Site

Recently stumbled across this very aggressive online user privacy and security site: Better Web Browsing. It’s part of the RiseUp thing rooted in Seattle, generally leftist. While I’ve not done any detailed research on them, I’m sure you can find … Continue reading

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