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A Shift in Values

Some of our biggest challenges arise from overcoming bad conditioning. Our society has an obsession with “saving time” — by which is implied not wasting something that is precious and hard to get. There are a whole raft of assumptions … Continue reading

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It Was Never Real

Churches that emphasize changing the world are little more than political institutions. Such churches have chosen to participate in God’s cattle-herding of those oblivious to His will. This has nothing to do with whether they might actually be the sheep … Continue reading

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Eternal Outsiders

We of Radix Fidem and the heart-led way do not see ourselves as a nation or tribe among others on this earth. Rather, we are a tribe and nation on a totally different level. Our tribal communion is in the … Continue reading

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Abraham’s Footprints

I’m not fit to tie Abraham’s shoes, but I do know something about how he got them dirty. He left behind everything he knew, a world where he was important and comfortable, and changed to a wholly different lifestyle. Eventually … Continue reading

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Sermon on the Mount 14

Seek the Kingdom First 6:25-34 In Jesus’ day there was no state-operated welfare system to abuse. Instead, there was a covenant under which a person’s extended family was responsible for their welfare, but was also held accountable for most everything … Continue reading

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Sermon on the Mount 13

Serving Mammon 6:19-24 This one makes no reference to the Talmud, and only an indirect reference to the Old Testament. Jesus equates evil to being double-minded, in the sense of unfaithful to God. Righteousness is indicated with the Greek word … Continue reading

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Covenant Book: 04 Not By Human Power

This is not an agenda to change the world. As a term, “the world” signifies the fallen existence of humanity. It’s not merely this place we all live or the collected humans in it, but in particular it is the … Continue reading

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