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Teachings of Jesus — Matthew 18:7-14

Jesus began this session explaining that leadership in His Messianic court would rest on unreserved trust in Him and His teaching. He draws the picture of a disciple who is like a younger child, but draws that image from His … Continue reading

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Mystical Faith Calls Us

I wanted to revisit my discussion of The Bible Project to point out some weak spots. Their portrayal of the Wisdom Books — Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Job — is incomplete. What’s missing is in the authors’ worldview; they don’t get … Continue reading

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Tribulation Is Our Natural Element

I’m neither conservative nor liberal. Both of those terms presume a placement within the dominant culture. I rejected that a long time ago; I’m a primordial. I adhere to something that came before there was a Western Civilization. It’s a … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Matthew 13:44-52

Here we have four parables in quick succession. Together they tell us that the Kingdom of Heaven is all or nothing. God discriminates between those who meet His Son at the foot of the Cross and sacrifice as He did, … Continue reading

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It Has to Find You

A life worth living is the one you’ll sacrifice. I’ll refer you to this article. You need to understand it for yourself, on your own terms. In my case, I’m perfectly willing to let society continue on its path to … Continue reading

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They Can See It

We often point out the contrast between what the world values against what our faith values. It’s a huge difference. We view reality from the heart, and what really matters to us is simply not visible to anyone relying on … Continue reading

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Otherworldly Mission

This life — this prison of fallen existence — is not precious. It’s consumable, disposable. What truly matters is the Father’s glory and death is our friend. There is no sting in death because it’s our final victory over our … Continue reading

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