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Terminology: Biblical Law

You are aware of the Covenant of Moses. Regular readers are surely aware of the Covenant of Noah. What you may not understand is that Moses was a particular application of Noah. Moses was restricted to a specific people, time … Continue reading

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Mission Priorities

Our path is communion with Creation. We don’t have wisdom so much as we participate in divine wisdom. Sometimes we can communicate that wisdom to other people as a way of signalling that we can offer something worth their attention. … Continue reading

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The Second Man

I’m sure my regular readers will understand: On the one hand, there are no words for it. On the other hand, I can try to indicate something about this so you can share in my portion of sweet shalom from … Continue reading

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Reviewing Darkness 04

On the one hand, we recognize that the typical Western Christian image of demons is comical, and tragically misguided. The popular mythology of “spiritual warfare” is a big joke to Satan. It’s another distraction that keeps folks from paying attention … Continue reading

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Life in the Cracks

This is what we are, church. Our world has been paved over by deception. It was designed to prevent the genuine life of heart-led faith, and it seemed to work for a time. Instead, it was built up for all … Continue reading

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Heart-led Parables

Our mysticism is not as their mysticism. One of the most confusing things we deal with is a vast legacy of Western-style mysticism. The Western version remains cerebral; it does not target a heart-led understanding. Instead, there is some nebulous … Continue reading

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Psalm 80

Again, we note that “psalm of Asaph” is colloquial for the man and all his descendants, all who held his office following him. It matters here because this is almost surely a psalm from the Assyrian conquest of Samaria and … Continue reading

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