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The Rot in Mainstream Religion

One symptom of the Curse of the Fall is our natural tendency to trust charisma over moral truth. God works through His Creation. Indeed, Creation — Reality — is imbued with His moral character. In terms of human experience, there … Continue reading

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Covenant Book: Epilogue

There is one practical matter that needs a little attention. The New Testament lays out the qualifications of pastors. This is the moral and spiritual leader, the preacher and ceremonial guide we associate with priesthood. This is the “hired gun” … Continue reading

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I have a burning conviction in my soul that something big is about to break out in our world. Several of you have discussed with me privately how God is calling you to serve in ways that make no sense … Continue reading

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Your Servant

Just a reminder folks: I am your servant. Some of you already communicate with me — comparing notes, asking questions about something I’ve written or even seeking pastoral counsel. At least a couple of you call me from time to … Continue reading

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Painting Signs

You can’t defy the Creator. Don’t think in terms of absolutes or you’ll never get this. God operates on the basis of proximity in His Creation. So you will find yourself in relative terms close to or far from Him, … Continue reading

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Feedback Request: Virtual Parish

I realize not every reader and subscriber regards himself/herself a member of this virtual parish, but on my “About” page I promised to treat you as one. That is, you hold all the same privileges as any other member; the … Continue reading

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Funerary Service

For those who are curious, a generic non-sectarian funeral is really quite simple. First, you have to understand that funerals do nothing for the dead, but are for survivors. At most, we are simply consoling each other. There is nothing … Continue reading

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