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The Nature of Gnosis

Let’s take a quick dip into Bible history. Some of you may know that Jewish Hellenism was the source of great evil in the Hebrew nation, essentially disemboweling the Hebrew mysticism of the Old Testament religion. This had gone on … Continue reading

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Boundary or Not

To many Christians, I sound like a conspiracy theorist when I mention the Hellenizing of Hebrew religion into Judaism. It’s particularly odd when any decent Bible college teaches the widely known history of Post-Exile Jerusalem. They talk about the conquests … Continue reading

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Unchained Vision, Part 1

Once more the mad prophet gibbers and jabbers, rattling his chains and scrawling on the walls of his prison cell. Trying to explain some of this stuff is what drives me nuts. I’m compelled to use a language that is … Continue reading

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HOWTO: Forgiveness

I suppose for some folks it’s just not obvious enough. We are all born in sin. If you try to reason about culpability, you’ll never understand. Rather, you start from the understanding that your human nature is broken — for … Continue reading

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Serene to the End: Apostle John

Mainstream scholars are pretty sure John published the Apocalypse around 95 AD. Given what we know of the man, it’s a fair bet most of it was already burned into his awareness at least two decades before. Keep in mind, … Continue reading

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Heart of Faith: Chapter 7

Christine has asked me to share her story second hand. She’s a marvelous writer but the timing of this book caught her tied up with a lot of her own moral responsibilities. What makes her story important for us is … Continue reading

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StT: Take Two, They’re Small

(Today’s sample is a couple of short items from Gospel Red Herring: Spiritualizing the Text.) Hebrews 7:1-2 If you read this and the following passage literally, you cannot possibly comprehend where the author is going with this concept. While he … Continue reading

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