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Sermon on the Mount 6

Reputation for Honesty 5:33-37 The corrupt oral traditions in Jesus’ day saw the Pharisees and friends holding forth a catalog of various oaths. Each one was supposed to be appropriate for different contexts. These men were swearing on everything imaginable: … Continue reading

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No Good Politics

In response to a query… I should have thought this was obvious by now: Jesus was neither conservative nor liberal in the context of His own day. In both religious and political terms, the Pharisees were the dominant conservatives. The … Continue reading

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A Little More about “Law”

In the Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) mind, “law” was nothing like our Western concept. It was always envisioned as a covenant. It was personal and feudal in nature. The closest term we can use is a “suzerain-vassal treaty,” and even … Continue reading

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Different Oven, Same Poisonous Bread

Beware the leaven of the neocons (Matthew 16:5-12). If there is any discernible human agency that concretely manifests The Cult: It’s the neocons in the US. You can learn the philosophical background by researching Leo Strauss. You’ll notice right away … Continue reading

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Keep It in the Heart

The Ancient Near East in general, and the Hebrew people in particular, bore an ancient legacy of the heart-mind. While it’s obvious not everyone was heart-led, it is also obvious that Scripture took seriously the existence of the heart-mind as … Continue reading

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