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Draper Points 11 and 12

Just as a point of reference, these are the numbered points on the northern half of Draper Lake (image on the right). Today I visited Points 11 and 12. The morning started out frosty but began to warm about half-way … Continue reading

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Photography: Draper Point 10

Point 10 is the other half of the previous adventure. Each of these long points of land has a ridge, and this one had a real high point with quite a view from the trail. I took the ridgeline trail … Continue reading

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Photography: High Water, Low Water

Two sets of pictures collected this past Wednesday and yesterday. Draper Lake is still at a high water mark, while the state is mostly in drought. On my trek to the lake, I decided to run south along the eastern … Continue reading

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Sandy Trails

Took a ride yesterday to one of my favorite prayer chapels, the mouth of Crutcho Creek where it empties into the North Canadian River. Given the cold weather and lack of moisture, the river is way down, still cradling patches … Continue reading

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Draper Point 7

Point 7 isn’t much to look at. The terrain around it is much more interesting. This arm of land jutting out into the northwest corner of Draper Lake contains the canyon, and the ridge hosts several lovely features, like that … Continue reading

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Do Not Submit to Folly

This is an age when people can’t see the forest for the trees. It’s just too easy to oversimplify things for the sake of entertainment than to really deal with the issue in a full context. For example, I’m chunky … Continue reading

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Draper South: A Real Adventure

Yes, it was an adventure. I had to carry my bike across rocks or other obstacles at least four times. This was after riding 15 miles to get there, followed by another 16 miles to get back home. On the … Continue reading

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