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Imprecatory Ride

During times of tribulation is when you see the most miracles. Let’s review. When Christ rose from the grave, He merged law and faith into a single Covenant in His blood. Of course, we know that law still works for … Continue reading

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Catch the Moment

Today was my heavy workout in the park. During the course of my efforts, storm clouds rolled in from the north. I didn’t have access to radar imagery so I could only guess. I decided to stay the course and … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces 32

It was a bit of tribulation upgrading the tower from Xubuntu 16.04 to 18.04. But it’s working now and I’m looking forward to feature updates that should fix some of the nagging deficiencies. I think the new laptop will stay … Continue reading

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Do Not Submit to Folly

This is an age when people can’t see the forest for the trees. It’s just too easy to oversimplify things for the sake of entertainment than to really deal with the issue in a full context. For example, I’m chunky … Continue reading

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Photography: Draper East Shore

There are a few areas on the east shore of Draper Lake I hadn’t explored last year. Yesterday was the right weather for resuming that. The map shows a substantial peninsula connected to SE 119th Street. The lavender numbers indicate … Continue reading

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Aging and Fitness Failures

This is just a minor note on what I’m dealing with. Maybe there’s a lesson in here for you or someone you know. My right shoulder has bothered me my whole life. As a kid, I often wondered why it … Continue reading

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God’s Law Is Different 5

There is a difference between leadership and shepherding. Leadership is a talent, a gift and calling from God. Most of us can do a little of it, but people who excel at it are somewhat rare. It may manifest with … Continue reading

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