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Prayer Update for Johnna

Refer to this previous post. Johnna is now taking physical therapy for the degenerative disc condition and will be seeing a neurosurgeon for further treatment. As for the brain issue, she has been diagnosed with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension — pressure … Continue reading

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Apartment Living and FedEx

First of all, members of the parish, the replacement tower has arrived. It’s nothing amazing, just an Optiplex 780 with moderate specs. It works; I’m using it to write this post. It was a simple matter of swapping out the … Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Another Tower System

Update: A system has been ordered and is on the way. Thank you all. ———— Reminder: My tower system has a big problem and can no longer run in graphical mode. The GUI keeps locking up on random events. I … Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Damsel in Distress

Her name is Johnna (jaw’-nuh). She is the daughter of someone who has supported my ministry for more than a decade, including taking us into her home for a time when we had no where else to go. Johnna is … Continue reading

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Are We Ready?

Pray with me. I have a vision that the time has come, that our first real-world congregation is upon us. The vision doesn’t include any details, only that it will happen soon. The vision itself demands I make myself ready … Continue reading

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Transportation Update 3

Rejoice with us! This is Veloyce’s new ride. (That puddle under it was pre-existing.) This one was the best deal — the most for the money and within our means. We got it from Boomer Kia. The salesman was honest … Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Transportation Again

This is not a fund raiser; I want you to pray with us. There are complications. Basic reality: My wife’s job requires reliable transportation; she’s obliged to drive all over the local school district, sometimes a different site every day. … Continue reading

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