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Divine Stress Test

You should expect this time of wrath and tribulation to shake loose things that are fake. This is behind the language of exposure in Scripture: things “laid bare,” sins brought into the light, etc. During long periods of prosperity and … Continue reading

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Social Media Hates You

This article is as good of a summary as we can find. Look for military tribunals in the coming months. But putting every American globalist politician in prison won’t help if we still have major sources of globalist idolatry in … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Matthew 23:34-39

Jesus had just finished telling off the Scribes and Pharisees for their pious lie that they would not have abused the prophets God had sent to Israel in the past. He pointed out that, if anything, they were worse. So … Continue reading

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Hopeless without the Heart

I don’t usually wait this late in the day to post, but this is something that stayed hidden in the depths of my soul until just now. It percolated all day and I knew it was there, but it took … Continue reading

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What You See Is Just the Beginning

According to my prophetic insight, we will be in some very real danger from the Zionists somewhere in the next few years. That same prophetic insight, with the support of my limited intellect, is quite convinced that Trump will succeed … Continue reading

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Bombs and Lies

1. Watch out for gatekeepers. It’s one thing to have a mission from God to protect the feudal domain He puts in your hands. It’s another thing to imagine that your mission from God is to play Covering Cherub. That … Continue reading

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God’s Team Always Wins

I’ve talked enough about globalists, but you should keep in mind that they are yet another layer on top of something far worse. Globalist idolatry is still in some ways a front, and behind that is the Cult. Let me … Continue reading

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