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A Shift in Values

Some of our biggest challenges arise from overcoming bad conditioning. Our society has an obsession with “saving time” — by which is implied not wasting something that is precious and hard to get. There are a whole raft of assumptions … Continue reading

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Eternal Outsiders

We of Radix Fidem and the heart-led way do not see ourselves as a nation or tribe among others on this earth. Rather, we are a tribe and nation on a totally different level. Our tribal communion is in the … Continue reading

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Toward a Heart-led Psychology

Just a review first: The single greatest influence on popular American thinking about psychology is Freud. That’s sad, because we know that Freud was a sick, twisted pervert. Not only did he inject his perversion into his theory, but forced … Continue reading

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Draper Point 7

Point 7 isn’t much to look at. The terrain around it is much more interesting. This arm of land jutting out into the northwest corner of Draper Lake contains the canyon, and the ridge hosts several lovely features, like that … Continue reading

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Glory Behind Walls

I hope you take the time to read Christine’s post Managing the “Ick” Factor. For me it was a good reminder and good timing. As we descend farther into this time of tribulation, there will be a whole raft of … Continue reading

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Still Juicy and Sweet

Christine is on a roll; her third installment in the series on understanding the heart-led way discusses gates and filters in our human perception. I would reinforce her statement that such things are simply a part of us, but that … Continue reading

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On the Sunk Costs Fallacy

If you have the time and patience to read it, I highly recommend The Sunk Cost Fallacy by David McRaney. He uses the memorable obsession on Facebook called “Farmville” to demonstrate a serious flaw that arises from Western materialism. This … Continue reading

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