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Still Juicy and Sweet

Christine is on a roll; her third installment in the series on understanding the heart-led way discusses gates and filters in our human perception. I would reinforce her statement that such things are simply a part of us, but that … Continue reading

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On the Sunk Costs Fallacy

If you have the time and patience to read it, I highly recommend The Sunk Cost Fallacy by David McRaney. He uses the memorable obsession on Facebook called “Farmville” to demonstrate a serious flaw that arises from Western materialism. This … Continue reading

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The One in the Mirror

We have to ditch the mental habits of our world. One of those habits is seeking some body of objective truth. So long as you cling to that, there will always be someone ready to crush you for having a … Continue reading

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Advances in Self-awareness

I’ve mentioned in the past that a part of good religion is a good anthropology. In our case, that means having a good grasp on human nature, in the sense of how we are designed. My contention is that the … Continue reading

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Don’t Get Caught

There’s no wiggle room; this stuff is the work of the Devil. I finally got around to reading this slide show about the JTRIG program to train online trolls. Of course, things have advanced a bit since then with the … Continue reading

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A Working Model

I can’t tell you how to read your own convictions. This is something already wired into your consciousness and unique to each individual. It’s written into our very nature as creatures made by God. The question is one of awareness; … Continue reading

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You Are Entitled

You are entitled to your own fantasy world. Most of our world shares a certain common core of fantasy in the first place. That fantasy presumes that there is such a thing as “objective reality.” That’s a bad lie and … Continue reading

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