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Another Case of Missing the Point

God didn’t make perversion; that’s just a reflection of our fallen nature. Most of the Western debate about sexual perversion is rooted in avoiding the revelation of God. Remember that sin is defined as arguing with the Creator; evil is … Continue reading

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He Enjoys Our Company

Faith is a question of perception, getting your head lined up with your convictions. The fallen fleshly nature rejects the leadership of revelation. By design, we have the volitional means to overcome the resistance of the flesh. We have within … Continue reading

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Secrecy Lies

Let’s explore another value shift: secrecy. In the Bible, secrecy is a valid tactic, but is immoral as a strategy. That is, you can deny your enemy knowledge of the facts of your tactical plan, but you cannot hide from … Continue reading

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Psalm 130

Our greatest difficulty in reading the Psalms is that we struggle to enter the Hebrew mind. This short piece sounds so much like David for its depth of passion, but there were others who caught the same fire for the … Continue reading

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Our Crazy Ancient New Religion 2

It was almost as if someone was crying, injured and unloved. I turned to the bush and something made me look around behind, under the leaves and branches. There, stuffed in among the limbs close to the ground was an … Continue reading

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Psalm 90

Thus we begin the Fourth Book of Psalms. The psalms that follow are generally liturgical in nature, as are those of the Fifth Book. Perhaps it’s divided between 106 and 107 only for convenience in terms of size, because the … Continue reading

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Psalm 74

Attributed to Asaph, it could as easily be simply someone from his clan who wrote this. We do well to remind ourselves that the Hebrew culture saw no reason to be quite so precise about such things. Nor should we … Continue reading

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