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God’s Law Is Different 1

What follows is eldercraft — my best answers to moral questions. This is what you’ll get if you defer to me as elder. This pertains to issues with governments and laws versus Biblical Law. You are the only one who … Continue reading

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Scars on My Soul

My right knee is beginning to look like a roadmap. But scars in the flesh mean next to nothing in the bigger picture. It’s the scars on my soul that still bother me. Today I spent time with a dear … Continue reading

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Bureaucratic Cancer

Our modern bureaucratic coward is easy to trace as the final stage of middle class culture. Whatever it is communists mean by “bourgeois,” that’s not the right image here. It’s loaded with too many emotional and mythical ideas. Instead of … Continue reading

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The Fallacy of Activism

This is a postscript to Institutionalized Cowardice. I apologize in advance for the length, but I hunger and thirst for your freedom from deception. A major element in my enthusiasm for Glennon’s work is that it removed some mental blocks … Continue reading

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Just One

That’s all it takes. So long as just one person benefits from what I do, and I get enough feedback to know about it, I’ll keep doing this. Of course, as long as it’s this easy, I’d do it for … Continue reading

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Not Just the Dispies

While I’ve made a lot of noise about the need to be ready for some level of exodus from the Zionist-Dispensationalist claptrap in churches, that’s not the whole story here. I’ve also predicted for quite some years that churches in … Continue reading

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Advocacy of Glory

From time to time I still get various communications that presume to encourage support or advocacy for various efforts to protect or recover “our rights.” I’ve warned often that neither the language nor ideas based on “rights” are from Scripture. … Continue reading

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