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Theology and Practice: Justice

The Law of God, expressed in His Covenants, is the measure of justice. The fundamental question is: Who has been offended? When one has answered this question, all other issues have already been decided. Once we as children of His … Continue reading

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Parable of the Bridge

He stood on the road, surveying the damage. Somewhere upland from here the flooding had pushed something in place that blocked its original course, and the overflow had run across his land. It carved out a massive channel that left … Continue reading

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Humble Silence

We stand silent before the wonder of God’s glory. In God’s Presence, silence is mandated because we have no answer but to praise Him. But we are unworthy, so it requires His permit for even that. Among humanity, our mandate … Continue reading

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TMOC: Why Did He Do That?

We absorb God’s truth via His Spirit’s Presence in our souls. As one might expect, you learn the answers to your own soul’s questions. When it comes time to teach and share that truth, you need to know what questions … Continue reading

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