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For Everything a Season

An issue in the mind of Simon the Pharisee in Luke 7 was that of defilement. For him, keeping oneself ceremonially clean was equivalent to holiness, and the key to God’s favor. Since he was scrupulous to maintain that ritual … Continue reading

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Antidote to Fear 05

First, a taxonomy of curses. There are valid curses that arise from violating covenants. The prime example is the Curse of the Fall from violating the Covenant of Creation. Some of you may recall the very dramatic ritual that took … Continue reading

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Antidote to Fear 04

We need to learn how to make our perception better match our experience. Again: The proper approach to understanding reality is to understand that there is only perception and experience. Our minds are fallen and it’s just too easy to … Continue reading

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No Scarlet Letter

Maybe you remember the story in John 4, where Jesus encounters a Samaritan woman from Sychar. He could read her very soul, and noted that she had a very unstable romantic past. We know very little of the historical context … Continue reading

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Refresh: Symbols and Rituals

On the one hand, the symbols are just that — symbols. They are not the thing itself. The key to mysticism is that we believe our current “reality” is just one huge deception. There are glimpses of ultimate reality and … Continue reading

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Psalm 113

For historical reference, this begins a series of psalms traditionally used to celebrate Passover. This one and the next were sung before the meal. As with other songs of this type, the format is rather simple and easy to memorize. … Continue reading

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Easter versus Resurrection Sunday

This is a rant. This is a personal reaction that need not apply to you. The mainstream Western Christian celebration of Resurrection Sunday has worn thin on me, and even the corrective blog posts and articles have gotten trite. Over … Continue reading

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