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This We Must Defend

The Tower of Babel stands in Scripture as the ultimate example of how bad things can be in this fallen world. It was a government that preyed on people to enslave them to impossible dreams, to pull humanity down to … Continue reading

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This Life Is Death

I want to refresh the logic here on something. Our American culture stoutly militates against the truth. Creation is not fallen; mankind is fallen. We were designed to be eternal creatures, placed in a Garden where not much else lives … Continue reading

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The Cultural Value of Life

Some things are instinctive to us humans in the sense that, for the average Joe and Jane, the heart cannot be totally silenced. It takes a lot of damage and willful spite to become totally deaf to it, and it’s … Continue reading

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Dehumanizing Charity

It’s possible to kill your neighbor by feeding him when he’s hungry. That is, in the sense you dehumanize and enslave him without actually making things any better. In biblical morality, simply preserving life is not a good moral value. … Continue reading

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