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American Demon of Retaliation

A demon of retaliation stalks America. Granted, it’s been around the US for a long time, but recently it’s become far more active. We are seeing the spirit of retaliation like never before, a whole new scale of things in … Continue reading

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Visualize Glory

Tactics are one thing; aside from broad generalities, it’s hard to teach tactics that will work for you in your personal context. Don’t copy my tactics. Understand how those tactics fit into our shared mission. Strategy is another thing; it’s … Continue reading

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Fear Not Great Evil

There are no masterminds. The people with power over us are not somehow gifted with brilliance and intelligence significantly above the rest of us. What distinguishes them is a serious lack of moral wisdom. They are damaged people, not supermen. … Continue reading

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Unchained Vision, Part 5

Let’s take a moment to throw out some junk doctrine. Let’s go back and search for truth among the eternal perspectives of the Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) peoples, of whom Israel was one nation. That was the setting God built … Continue reading

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Unchained Vision, Part 4

On the one hand, our greatest threat is The Cult [PDF]. On the other hand, the weapons of our warfare are not fleshly (2 Corinthians 10:2-6; Ephesians 6:10-13). Our tactics are not human, but are consistent with moral truth. Once … Continue reading

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The Nuclear Option of Faith

When your heart belongs wholly to Christ, and you strive to walk by that heart of faith, you will inevitably encounter resistance from a sinful world. We must always keep before us that our real enemy is Satan and his … Continue reading

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The Failure of Evil

The problem with great evil is that it always rests on human frailty. Review: God created all things according to His own moral character. Reality itself is consistent with God’s personality. Second, He created a universe that rests somewhere within … Continue reading

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